Yanga ‘Coolg’ Lingani

Yanga’s full name is Yanginkos’inganathi Cyprian David Lingani but many people know him as Coolg. He resides in Khayelitsha, Cape Town but he was born and bred in Tsolo, a small town near Mthatha in South Africa. He studied Art and Design at College Of Cape Town (city campus) finishing his studies in 2013. He fell in love with drawing, sketching and sculpture way back from the age of 5, since when he never wavered or looked back.

This Eastern Cape born artist studied and practices painting, ceramics, graphic design, photography and print making. His motive is to tell real stories through his magic style of painting. He doesn’t forget to show his background, the stuff he went through, and the stuff that gives him a motive to live, trying to show a different side of being an African and being raised in the rural areas. When he paints, his main purpose is to show everyone the reality of what he has discovered, experienced and learned through his journey. As much as he wants to show with his talent and his deep realism style, at the same time he wants people to see real stories through his art. There’s always an encouraging story behind every artwork he create.

Coolg used to write lyrics and poems as he was a rapper but he chose to pursue a professional career in fine art. Painting has been the greatest platform to portray his deep feelings, his frustrations, his inspirations and his motives. His motive is to communicate with everyone without using speech or writings but painting.

De Splash of de Ginga. In 2020, He invented a new style/movement called Due of Covid-19 pandemic many of artists were left out stranded with no way forward or any sort of income but still as creatives they needed to keep on pushing. So Coolg came up with this style of applying a splash in his artworks. Sometimes to the subject matter itself, sometimes in the background to distinguish the focal point with a thick black outlines. This style is being created out of acrylic and gloss paint by teeth brush then he clean it out with his normal paint brushes “De Splash of de Ginga, de Splash of Kagwera” to leave everything clean and visible. He call it meaning the joy, the excitement he find through his expressionism, He can be playful and Stay True to his native African identity while he’s embracing his own creativity.

RECONCILE & REBUILD is his first solo exhibition but he has participated in many group exhibitions before including at Funky frames art gallery, Castle of Good Hope Gallery, Pan African Gallery, African Market, Young Blood Restaurant Gallery, 6 Spin street Gallery, Fugly Art Gallery, Zeitz MOCAA, ArtB Gallery and Arts cape.

Selected works

Ginga is Very Strong In You
Food of the Soul
The Smile of the Universe
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