WurlD, Afro-Fusion artist with a killer voice

WurlD, a singer with a killer voice and talent for songwriting. His music sitting between African vibes and Western delivery.
The Nigerian singer Sadiq Onifade, who performs as WurlD, is one of the most ambitious young artists in the cross-continental pop scene known as Afrobeats. (Not to be confused with Afrobeat, the nineteen-sixties funk genre christened by Fela Kuti, Afrobeats emerged in the early two thousands, as musicians in Ghana, Nigeria, and the U.K. discovered the contemporary music of America and the Caribbean.) WurlD, who was born in Lagos, first encountered American musical forms when he moved to Atlanta to attend high school.

He nurtured his talent within the city’s competitive music scene, writing songs for local rappers (B.o.B., Trinidad James) and out-of-towners (Akon, Mario). Following in the footsteps of Nigerian Afro-pop artists such as Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy, WurlD blends traditional Naija sounds (often defined by the pulse and texture of polyrhythmic drumming) with elements of rap, R. & B., and soul, to a nearly alchemical effect.

He once described himself as “an instrument of everything,” which seems representative of the way he creates—his voice acts as a siphon for the many genres and traditions that his music draws from. This Afro-Fusion artist has had an interesting journey, starting in the streets of Lagos, and then finding his way to the USA.

“The complete creative embrace of that cross-cultural influence has become his strongest point, with songs such as “Show You Off” and “Contagious” offering a unique angle to his sound.” says Okay Africa in this interview.

Q&A with WurlD

How did your career in the industry begin?

My Music Career started in Atl. I went to school there, “Georgia State University”. I found myself among some of the most amazing songwriters and producers in the game. The biggest challenge was that had to prove myself to be worthy in these studio sessions and songwriting for other artist was my way in. It’s been a learning and growing process since then till now. I’m so grateful how far I’ve come. 

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows.

I’m a great cook. Lol! But I’ve been spoiled a lot these days because I hardly ever go in the kitchen anymore. 

What is your biggest career highlight so far?

Being truly loved at Home in Nigeria where I was born. It’s the best rewarding feeling I can ever ask for. 

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on several projects and collaborations right now 

besides myself with both newer and established artists. I love the element of surprise and would love to keep that private for now. I Will be sharing soon as they are finalized. 

How do you think we can grow the creative industry and bring African content to the world?

We can achieve that through more Collaborations across different regions in a Africa, less completion amongst ourselves and more love. 

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