Wendy Verwey Bekker: Underpromise and overdeliver

Wendy Verwey Bekker is a pro-active entertainment industry professional, specialising in operations, business development and marketing, with over 15 years of experience. As Regional Manager for Africa at Ditto Music, her primary goal is to grow the African creative sector economically and bridge the knowledge gap for independent artists and labels across the continent.

As the global Music Industry looks to Africa as the next frontier, her experience at a major label (Head Of Marketing at Universal Music), one of South Africa’s leading festivals (Head of Marketing at OppiKoppi) and music technology (Product Development at Labs.FM, Festyvent) has equipped her with unique skills and industry relationships enabling her to grow the African Entertainment Industry.

She has consulted with Artists, Labels, Promoters, Telecommunications and Media companies, and is a knowledgeable speaker on the Music Industry.

Q&A with Wendy

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows
I am obsessed with Durban curries, specifically sugar bean roti. I was a vegetarian for 15 years and still prefer vegetarian food.

What tips can you share that have helped to shape your career?
Underpromise and overdeliver. Honour your word, and look after your reputation.

Best performance you have experienced.
So many stand out – but, most recently, the Nick Cave Conversations tour was a sublime, intimate show in London where he actively engaged with the audience’s questions, so no two shows are alike. Then, seeing Arcade Fire in New York a number of years back on their Suburbs tour was a truly euphoric experience. In South Africa (way back in the day), I was lucky enough to see Tumi and the Volume live at the Bassline (recorded and released as their debut album) – that’s a piece of history. I was also fortunate to experience a Paul Simon performance at the SABC, with Hugh Masekela, Ray Phiri and Ladysmith Black Mambazo (recorded for the 25 year anniversary of Graceland) – that was very special. Another that comes to mind was watching Metallica sound check at the Belville Velodrome while I was 5 months pregnant. With only crew around, they went all out – so loud, so good. So many great festival memories too – OppiKoppi, Park Acoustics… simply too many to mention!

Advice you would give to your 18 year old self in one sentence.
Everything is going to be fine, buy bitcoin early.

Best advice you were given when you started out.
“You teach people how to treat you.” – Steve Harris

With FAME Week Africa being hosted in the Mother City, what do you love about Cape Town?
I love the variety and quality of the restaurants, the breathtaking scenery and the vibe. I have my favourite spots but with each visit to the city I always find something new and exciting, whether it’s art or culture or an experience. Cape Town has so much to offer visitors, its a world class city

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