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Tina Redman

Tina Redman is a South African performance artist and creative. They first rose to prominence when they became the first “woman” beatboxing Master to win channel SABC 1’s Battle Station. Their beatboxing talent has seen them performing with artists such as Rouge, Ricky Rick, Nadia Nakai, and Kwesta, and even collaborating on marketing campaigns for Channel O, VUZU, E! Entertainment, Ford Figo, Cadbury, KFC and Steers.

They also featured as a vocal percussion coach on the reality series Stem Saam on DSTV Via. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Film Studies, Tina has experience as a theatre and television actor and as a television presenter. They starred as Hlubi on Generations The Legacy for 3 years and co-host the Feather Award-winning internet series, We’re Queer My dear (WQMD), which focuses on the educating and uplifting the South African queer community. They previously worked as the presenter for multiple seasons of SABC 1’s prime time reality TV show, Reno Race, and acted in various award-winning theatre productions.

They have appeared as the character “Zee” in a Mzansi M-Net movie called “Baecation” 2020 where they got to play their first queer role. Shortly after that they became one of the new presenters for Trace Academia 2020. They recently had their Netflix debut on Savage Beauty (2022) as the character Zandi. They look forward to two other forthcoming Netflix series in the year 2022, where they play one supporting role and one more prominent role. Among all these exciting achievements, Tina looks forward to the release of an international film they shot last year which will be released in early 2023.

Tell us a little bit about your career and how you started?
I joined spoken word poetry competitions when I was 8 years old because I knew this would be an opportunity for me to perform, to have an audience. It was then that I knew I wanted nothing more than to be an actor. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to happen. I enrolled in Speech and Drama all of Primary school and in High-school I took Drama as a subject too. I never knew that one could further their studies in the Dramatic Arts after High School, so it was never an option to study it after Matric. However, my High School drama teacher saw the desire I had to further this skill and gave me heaps of information to assist me.

I applied to the University of Pretoria and was accepted. After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Film studies, I joined an agency. It took a year to properly get an opportunity to get on to a stage or a set. I used my first year after university to practice auditioning. I also joined Live Magazine as an intern which gave me the skills to become a digital content creator.

The following year I was cast as a presenter on South Africa’s leading television channel. The show I was cast on played just before South Africa’s leading soapie, meaning that a large segment of South Africans watched me once a week. After a few good years on that show, I joined the cast of the leading soapie at the time, which propelled my acting career to another level. This soapie allowed me to practice acting at a fast pace, for a fast turn-around, and to prepare for the many wonderful roles ahead of me. I have since been cast in three Netflix series and two movies, most of which are yet to be released.

How can we support or be an ally to the LGBTQ community?
There is a website that I commonly use when we’re on the set of the queer web series of which I am a part, WQMD (“We’re Queer My Dear”). It’s called MgbPlanet, and it has a list of “24 Ways To Support LGBTQ+ People in 2020”. 24 Ways To Actually Support LGBTQ+ People In 2020

That is a good place to start. It is as easy as one simple google search and actioning the information you’re given from these reputable sources. Being an ally starts at home. You must find out what the queer people within your proximity need and slowly branch out from there. For example, if you own a business make sure its queer friendly, and if you don’t, make sure to support queer-owned businesses. You see how that works?

What projects are you currently working on?
It’s sort of a cliche but the project I am working on at the moment is myself. I am working on resting and redefining what rest is for me. I am currently grappling with what my worth is outside of my

work and how to value myself not in comparison to anybody else. I wish I had done this sooner, but there is no better time to start than “now”. I believe that once I have an idea of how to do this, I can return to practicing activism from a place of love.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?
I have creative freedom. I get to delve into so many different worlds without ever completely sacrificing my own. Getting to tell stories is a responsibility I cherish with my whole heart. I enjoy the thrill, the emotional rollercoaster, the teamwork and the immense joy and sense of achievement you get once you’ve created this “baby” so to speak…and like a parent you release it to the world and hope it’s received well, that inspires the people it reaches, and it teaches its parents (us) something significant too.

If you could give some advice to someone in the LGBTQ community and starting their career in the creative industries what would it be?
I guess I can only answer this from my experience and from what I wish I was told. I was often told to be “hetero-passing” to get a job. Don’t do that. Live your complete truth. I am privileged enough to
live in a community that supports my queerness. Often people don’t have this kind of security within their own communities, so always put your safety first before you invite people into your beautifully queer world. Make sure you have a work environment that isn’t queerphobic and an agent that’ll fight tooth and nail for your rights! There IS a place for you in this industry and it is big enough for all us queer folk!

Tell us a little bit about why you love Cape Town – the host city for FAME Week Africa.
I love Cape Town because my life partner is from there. This city has given me the greatest gift, Love and companionship…and as a result I have visited it often! I feel a little biased now haha. I have had the opportunity to shoot a movie there and it comes out early 2023. That’s a big first for me, so I won’t ever forget that.

What and who inspires you?
In the past years I have had a very clear answer to this question. It’s always been my mother. Now, upon reflection, I find myself adding to this short list. I am genuinely inspired by many the many people that have crossed my path. Being in this industry has sparked an interest in listening to people’s stories. I have met people who have fled their own countries to seek refuge in a safe environment that can support their love.

I have met people from different countries who have married each other in our country despite their familys’ approval. And I have met people who seek to feed, clothe, and protect unhoused children with every fiber of their being. I have seen what people will do for those they love and from a place of love…and those people inspire me.

What do you think FAME Week Africa can offer the Pan-African Market?
Increasingly Africans are watching content created in other African countries and that is something we should celebrate and encourage. This also means the responsibility on the creative industries is BIG. So, when we think about (for example) queer rights, we must recognise that responsibility for normalizing queer visibility is not just in South Africa, where queer people are comparatively visible, but is also in the rest of the continent. So, media houses must take that on themselves and really see themselves as producing content for the continent. I think FAME Week Africa can continue encourage collaboration across African countries.

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