Tatum Ludolph – Live Television Producer

Tatum Ludolph

Tatum Ludolph is SABC 3’s Expresso Live Producer and Afternoon Express Show Producer. Being the company’s youngest producer, she is focused on breathing new life into South African television! Tatum is passionate about creating opportunities for other young people of colour and creating a space for real change to be made.

How did your journey in the industry begin?

I started out as intern doing production assistant work for the producer of Expresso – this was my first job in the industry. I eventually started scriptwriting and content producing for the show. Then moved on to assisting the producer with putting the actual shows together till I got to the point where I was given the afternoon show to live produce.

How can we support or be an ally to the LGBTQ community?

When it comes down to it – we should all be supportive by giving everyone in the industry equal job opportunities no matter you race, gender, age or sexual orientation. I tend to notice that being different allows you stand out from the crowd.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

So much time goes in to putting a three hour show together. The feeling of seeing your hard work being executed on national tv is why I wake up eager to go to work every morning. We are making a difference one story at a time.

If you could give some advice to someone in the LGBTQ community and starting their career in the creative industries what would it be?

The film and television industry are filled with creative individuals who are a part of the LGBTQI community. It is a reflection that this industry is welcoming and empowering the community.

How do you think we can grow the creative industry and bring African content to the world?

We need to be telling our African homegrown stories and sharing it with the world by sending it off to international film festivals. We need to normalize our African culture in the Western eyes and steer the media/news outlets from depicting us as just a third world country.

Tell us a little bit about why you love Cape Town – The host city for FAME Week Africa.

Cape Town has one of the seven wonders of the world and there is honestly no other place like it on earth – from our array of culture, scenic mountains, beautiful white beaches and so much more waiting. It’s the perfect destination for an event or a shoot.

What and who inspires you?

I’ve always been inspired by strong female figures in our industry such as Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah and Kelly Clarkson. They are the leaders in television industry, paving a way for budding female producers.

Why is Pride month important?

Many people fought for the LGBTQI+ community to be where it is today and we’re still fighting – Pride Month is just another reason to continue to reflect and recognize the impact our community has made in the world and continues to make in the film industry.

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Daniella Galante

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