Taahirah Luddy

Taahirah is a 21 year old experimental artist living in Cape Town. She identifies as an experimental artist because she is constantly challenging herself and trying new art styles and mediums. Ranging from portraits, to dark art, landscape art, digital art and her current style being a combination of pop art and street art on canvas.

She has been drawing and painting since she was 8 years old. At 15, she made the decision to pursue art professionally and base her life around it.

When she was 18, she started studying art and design. In 2021, she
had her first group exhibition as one of the Emerging Artists. She hopes this would be the first of many more group and solo exhibitions to come.

Spending most of her hours trying to make her dreams a reality, she gains inspiration from past and modern day artists, having an idea spark up from looking at things in a different perspective or even transforming something “simple” to onlookers, into a more intriguing artwork.

Constantly going though trial and error, Taahirah sees any obstacle as a test and motivation to push back even harder to get out her desired results.

Selected artwork

A series of Marilyn’s
Dali’s madness

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