Survivor SA: Immunity Island in numbers

It started with 20 castaways, and now there are 13 left competing for the title of sole survivor in the eighth season of Survivor SA. Survivor SA: Immunity Island was filmed in a Covid-19 production bubble in the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast – a region of wilderness that stretches from East London in the south to the border of KwaZulu-Natal in the north.

But what exactly went into making the show. How many games were created, and just how many hours of footage was filmed?

  • The crew consisted of 157 skilled crew and 103 casual labourers making that a total of 260 crew members.
  • While the castaways might have gone hungry, there were 24 882 meals catered for during the season.
  • To capture all the shenanigans and water pit scheming, more than 3 000 hours of footage was filmed, which is about 180 TB of footage.
  • A shoutout to the game masters who created 27 games and 11 Immunity Island mini-games.
  • There were a few foot injuriesone head injury, and no Covid-19 cases.
  • It took 30 days to build the Tribal Council and eight tons of Wild Coast-collected driftwood. Speaking about the design Leroux Botha, the creative director and series director, said: “We wanted to go for a tribal council that felt more like a tribal village that was abandoned.”

This article first appeared on News24. It can be read here.

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