Stefanie Davis: Be yourself

A singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, ‘Hold On’ singer Stefanie Davis is not short of talent nor the passion needed to fulfill a career in the arts.

With a vision to create music that helps to translate one’s own truth, Stefanie not only performs music for the masses but writes her own songs with deep meaningful lyrics behind them.

Her passion was first discovered when she was only 12 years old at a Hannah Montana singing competition at a local mall, which she won. Having loved the arts all her life, she went on to study musical theatre and performance arts, as well as writing poetry from a very young age.

Raised in a Latino family, the music she listening to growing up was always varied, from the lyrics of Julio Iglesias to 80s music and various pop hits. Many of which have influenced her songwriting.

Stefanie has come a long way with not only her music but also a young female entrepreneur being the founder and director Feel Good & Co and along with her mom has set out to change the way in which women experience their period with their breakthrough product ‘XO Underwear.’ This being Period Wear for every kind of women. Along with her passion for music she also gives back to the youth, in supporting and mentoring young ladies to achieve their goals as well as through her very own FG Foundation which sets out to tackle period poverty around South Africa.

Q&A with Stephanie

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows.
Some people know, but not everyone, that since last year, I no longer consume dairy products.

What tips can you share that have helped to shape your career?
Be yourself. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. 

Best gig?
It was a super small gig at a pub type set up and I performed with Jono Johansen. We had the BEST time. Was so much fun and it felt right. 

Advice you would give to your 18 year old self in one sentence?
Don’t let anyone make you believe you are any less than what you are. 

Best advice you were given when you started out.
Read your contracts. 

With FAME Week Africa being hosted in the Mother City, what do you love about Cape Town?
Oh my word EVERYTHING. The vibe, the mountain, the ocean. I just love Cape Town and always have. 

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