South African Film, Acting and Theatre Academy

The South African Film, Acting and Theatre Academy is a tertiary training Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa. It offers international qualifications through the United Kingdom Ofqual credit framework. Its courses include Acting, Filmmaking, Performing Arts and even offers a Musical Theatre Program for Juniors.

South African Film, Acting and Theatre Academy

SAFATA has a unique approach to learning by assisting its students with real-life industry experiences alongside their theoretical academics so that its alumni have a noteworthy resume when they enter the performing arts and entertainment industry. Their practical, hands-on approach doesn’t end there – they also offer students state-of-the-art workshops and guest seminars to ensure that they learn from as many creatives as possible.

The Academy prides itself in prioritising mental health and wellness above all else, and employs likeminded mentors whose aim is to nurture and uplift students through creative community and collective healing.

South African Film, Acting and Theatre Academy


Performing ArtsFilmmakingActingJunior Programs
This fun and extensive program is a 2 to 3 Year Full-Time course that offers students everything within the performing arts industry (practically, theoretically and industry preparation) all combined in state-of-the-art International Qualification available in Advance Higher Diploma (NQF 5 ; Part-Time) or Advance Associate Degree Equivalent (NQF 6 ; Full-Time).In our School of Filmmaking, we offer an advanced and extensive 3-Year International Extended Diploma (NQF 5) that teach students not just the ins and outs of being a filmmaker, but also encompasses real practical experiences and opportunities in the filmmaking field.Our acting courses is a 2 to 3 Year Internationally Accredited program led by our qualified and experienced mentors. Our Acting Diplomas and Degree-Equivalent Qualifications offers in-depth acting training on stage and screen with real practical opportunities as well as occasional guest industry experienced veterans and professionals.Our fun and state-of-the-art Internationally Accredited Performing Arts Junior Program is aimed for students under the age of 18-Years wishing to explore musical theatre and acting on an extra mural basis every weekend, with the option to earn international certificates and diploma’s and accumulate UCAS points for Varisty.

The Team:

  1. Nicho Barnard-Overbeek – Founder & Current CEO of SAFATA Worldwide
  2. Danielle Bennett – Current CFO & Head of Finance Department for SAFATA Worldwide
  3. Anastasia Amy Vorisek – Dean of SAFATA Academy SA

Contact Details:

Telephone/WhatsApp: +27 (63) 287-9134


Address: The Precinct, 1 Mushroom Rd, Waterfall City, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

Website and Social Handles:


Facebook: (

Instagram: (@safata_academy)

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