Sarah Kozlowski: Overnight success does not exist

Sarah Kozlowski is a South African actress repped in Los Angeles and Cape Town. She was born and raised in Johannesburg from a Lithuanian and Afrikaans heritage. She has a variety of feature films under her belt and her TV career has seen her star in various shows, namely Jongo, Tempy Pushas S2 and Thola S2 to name a few.

As of 2020, Sarah can be seen starring in the TV show Agent as Zoe Zante on Netflix. Sarah plays an ambitious Football club owner carving a name for herself in a tough male dominated industry which is based on a real character.

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?
I actually wanted to be a fashion designer as a kid. It’s funny how life laughs at your plans and am grateful things turned out the way they did. Or maybe, I actually ended up being an actress so there is an excuse to dress up for premiers so subconsciously I devised a plan on a way to end up wearing more couture.  

What tips can you share that have helped to shape your career?
Be prepared to start from the bottom, overnight success does not exist. When it comes to creativity and finding the freedom to perform, most of the time you simply have to get out of your own way. Don’t be late… ever. 

Best gig/performance you have experienced/ been a part of? 
Shooting on location in Mauritius. I had to live in paradise for three months and I doubt I will get an excuse to do that again anytime soon. 

What advice you would give to your 18 year old self ? 
Your career doesn’t lie in the hands of any other human, entity or opportunity as it’s entirely within your control.

Best advice you were given when you started out
Learn from those who have been around for a while, the best knowledge about this industry does not come in books.

With FAME Week Africa being hosted in the Mother City, what do you love about Cape Town? 
This is my first time living in Cape Town and I had no idea how beautiful she is. I save so much money now because all I want to do is Hike… and it’s free!

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