Road to Annecy – Livestream 22 April 2022

We are very excited to announce that the “Road to Annecy” Pitching competition will once again be live streamed this year, you can watch it all from the comfort of your home on the 22nd of April. Four incredible South African projects are being pitched and there is only one winner. These are the amazing projects submitted below, set a reminder to watch the livestream on our YouTube channel and keep an eye out on our social media channels.

Mom & Daughter – Clean up crew 

After surviving a major falling out Mma and her daughter Morwedi were blessed with the gift of empathy. Activated with a prayer & cutting-edge technology, their strong bond as mother and daughter gives them the power to perform body-swapping exercises that help other mothers and daughters in crisis feel empathy and restore the love between them! Mma always has a plan and Morwedi always has the perfect gadget

Lula – Gift from the ocean. 

Lula is a little girl who loves playing and exploring things and she loves her puffy hair. When an unexpected yet wonderful trip to the ocean changes her hair forever, Lula is incredibly disappointed. Her mom encourages her to embrace the change and gifts her with a snorkeling set so she can try something new. This opens up a whole new world and Lula the mermaid explorer is born!

Roho – The age of masks. 

Roho is set in the South African suburbs, in a world not too different from the one we know, full of life and nature but also ancient magic. The magic is passed down by the DNA of generations leading to the world being full of masked heroes known as Roho’s. The story follows a young South-African high schooler who inherits a magical mask, he’s thrown into the world of being a hero. Teamed with a girl from the future and a new friend, they will have to take on the monstrous Devoids that enter the world through portals.

The Adventures of Wolf & Wolf. 

The adventures of Wolf & Wolf is set in a small African town just outside the world-famous game reserve Casa Ilanga. It’s a story about a boy, his soft toy (that comes to life), and his friends. They are the only ones who can save the day when an emergency arises like a burst water pipe, a truck’s paint spillage, or even a bride that’s late for her wedding! When its time to GO GO GO, they put their toy wire cars into action and dissolve into an imaginary world where they become the drivers of their awesome wire-rescue-cars, ready to save the day! 

Sourced from Cape Town International Animation Festival.

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