RiSA launches Official South African Music Charts – here’s how they will collect data

RiSA has announced the launch of the very first Official South African Music Chart (TOSAC) – “A first, both in scale and magnitude, in the country.”

In a press statement, the organisation explained that the chart would start “with a focus on ‘singles’ in the digital music streaming space”.

“The chart will celebrate the popularity and success of the music being enjoyed from diverse artists by music fans across the country.”

TOSAC will aggregate data from three of the most popular music streaming services in South Africa — Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer – ensuring that the chart represents the broad SA music spectrum.

“We are incredibly excited to be launching such a pioneering platform for the South African music industry and audiences, across different genres. This represents a significant milestone and a much-needed step up to aligning with popular forms of music consumption for the local music industry,” said RiSA chairperson Sean Watson.

RiSA CEO, Nhlanhla Sibisi, added: “We have a robust music industry in our country, and our people have a natural thirst for music. We have also seen an undeniable shift in how people consume music in the past few years, with more and more audiences making use of streaming services than before. We are thus excited to put in place an offering that not only recognises that but is set to help drive the growth of our industry.”

Here’s how the Official South African Music Charts will work:

How content will be aggregated:

  • Chart week is from Friday to Thursday
  • Only digital streaming numbers are used
  • The amount of streams displayed in the charts is always weighted, so that subscription streams have more relevance than ad-funded streams
  • No track exclusion policy or Accelerated Decline method is currently being applied.

Different versions of a track are aggregated to their corresponding original track. This includes:

  • Radio edits
  • Same song with additional featuring artists
  • DJ remixes, as long as the original artist is credited
  • Different language/country versions

Album covers are not aggregated to the original track

What to expect:

The “Weekly Top 200 Tracks” will look at all songs streamed in SA (local and international music), while the “Weekly Top 100 Local ZA Tracks” will focus on South African music, or tracks where at least one of the credits is a local artist.

The TOSAC website goes live on 2 September at 12:00.

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