Red Lights Choir

Red Lights is a Durban-based youth choir, made up of talented students from the various tertiary institutions in the city. It was founded in 2018 for students who do not study music but are musically gifted, where they would grow and get to express and expose their talents.

The group has an Afrocentric sound under which it fuses traditional music, Afro-soul, pop, RnB, Afro-jazz and Gospel music. Choir members bring in their preferred styles of music and we fuse them to produce unique interpretations of songs.

Due to most university students coming from difficult economic backgrounds, parents are often skeptical about degrees and careers in the arts, hence there exists students who have creative talents, yet find themselves being compelled to study disciplines which are deemed ‘more academic’, and job orientated. Participation in the choir therefore contributes positively towards the social and emotional wellbeing of its members, who ultimately get a second chance to pursue their dreams whilst they study.

The choir also serves as a therapeutic outlet to its members, who are all students that often find themselves overwhelmed with academic work and socioeconomic pressures of being at university.


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