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ARTWORK TITLE: Raise your hand

My real name is Diana Tinkerbell. My artist tag is Di Ti, and my DJ name is Sailor Tinkerbell. So, I use both when I sign my work. I was
born in Russia in 1991, I have attended an art school for kids for 6
years painting and sculpting. As kids we have never used oil and I
discovered it when I was already 22 and started spending all my
office job money on oil and canvases. It was just a hobby but
sometimes I was lucky to sell my paintings using the word of mouth
and showing it on Instagram. When everything moved digital, I
tried to use a tablet to do digital illustrations. I like when my hands
stay clean and the variety of brushes in the apps, but anyway I still
enjoy the real paintings the most. I try to enjoy everything that life
brings, and I was somehow satisfied working as an assistant in the Russian advertising agency for the last 2 years. And then the war started, something that I could not handle as an artistic soul and liberal person. It was a random choice to come to Cape Town, I had not many options where the main population speaks English and where people don’t hate Russia as much as in Europe now. I quit everything, came here, and found Cape Town as my new home with the best atmosphere for creators. I went to Afrikaburn festival where I was helping to paint installations and when I was back, I continued to create more and more. I would never think I can start doing murals and I did already 3.
I may be too much optimistic with my application because I don’t have much to exhibit but I know if you accept me, even in two weeks till the 9th of August I can do a lot. Even last night I painted my jacket that took me just 1 hour

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