O’Ryan Winter’s Tale

It’s been 25 years since O’Ryan Winter burst on the scene with his debut album The Dawning. His version of the Stevie Wonder classic “Love’s in need of Love Today” was a smash hit and still gets radio play today. A mature and world wise Winter is back with “Breathing”, the first single from the soundtrack of “2 Thirds of a Man”.

O'Ryan Winter

The movie explores the coming-of-age story of Justin, a talented but guarded teenager returning to Cape Town to navigate unique challenges as a first-year student at Rocklands University.

O’Ryan scored the movie and produced and feature on multiple tracks on the yet to be released soundtrack featuring artists like King Smasher, Patty Monroe, and a return to his musical roots for Mario Ogle who also stars in 2 Thirds of a Man.

“Breathing was created to evoke a feeling of a journey. It’s a journey of self-discovery for the main character and there is an urgency that builds using beats that sometimes feels out of pocket to express Justin’s state of mind. None of it is easy and the vibe of the song reflects that. I could personally relate to this boy from a small town, saying goodbye and making peace with his decision. The search to find the true self and when that materializes, to stop holding back, breathe again and just be” – O’Ryan Winter

The music video was produced by 2 Thirds Productions, with cinematography by Dale Fortune and directed by Earl Kopeledi.

Check out the video for Breathing below.

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