Nkosinathi Kandeni

Nkosinathi Kandeni is a South African artist. His passion for art was ignited when he read, How to Paint in Water Colour featuring Fresquet Guillermo. Nkosinathi’s work explores the concept of space and the environment taking into consideration how society interacts with different space and living objects.

His recent work is an exploration into culture and how cows are important in Southern African cultures. Cows are not classified as animals, it is their location in both the mundane and in such spiritual rites that they also emerge as subjects of song, idioms and myths. Take the Xhosa for instance: if the offered bull does not bellow during preparatory ritual for sacrificial slaughter, the sacrifice cannot continue. If it does they exclaim, “icamaku livumile (the ancestors are willing)” then the sacrifice can continue.

Selected work

Got some milk
Water is life to any living things

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