Nicole da Silva, 5FM’s feisty, on-air favourite

Tenacious is the best word to describe 5FM’s feisty Nicole da Silva who quickly became an established on-air favourite through her show. Nicole started on national radio at 21 and has been going strong ever since. 

Currently hosting 5FM’s weekend breakfast show, 5FM Xtra Loud Mornings, she adds her quick wit, sassy personality, geekiness and warmth to her shows. 

Nicole takes pride in all of her work and is hands-on with everything she does. Nicole has many different interests and passions.

“I’m a ‘seize the moment, no regrets kind of girl so I enjoy unusual things. I’ve done shark cage diving, a bit of skydiving and I have my advanced scuba diving qualification. I love photography and digital technology that enhances our lives and believe in making the world a better place by putting kindness first” 

Besides presenting on radio Nicole is also an accomplished voice-over artist, Emcee and Club DJ. Having studied her BSc in Biochemistry and Psychology as well as her honours in Journalism, Nicole is comfortable with a challenge and thrives in front of an audience big or small. Along with these, Nicole is also passionate about pop culture, digital 
and social media and is a consultant and manager across digital platforms to assist brands and woman-run businesses to expand their reach and grow. 

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?  

I can do authentic hadeda and grey lourie impersonations. I’m so good that the birds reply to me   

What tips can you share that have helped to shape your career?  

Never burn a bridge because the industry is VERY small and you will most definitely encounter people more than once in your career. Whether working with them, managing them or reporting to them.  

Tell us about the best gig/performance you have experienced/ been a part of?  

I’m very fortunate to have a few. I think one of the New Years a while back when we had 3 gigs scheduled that night and I was DJing with my best friend. It was crazy and amazing. We had different sets and outfit changes for each venue.  

Advice you would give to your 18-year-old self in one sentence?  

Your work ethic and good nature will take you only so far, always have another hustle because the industry doesn’t care about your feelings or how hard you worked.  

Best advice you were given when you started out?  

Have 3 months’ salary saved and set up your retirement annuity as early as possible. Save as much as you can. Always have a signed contract and follow important phone conversations or meetings with an email confirming what was discussed or promised.  

With FWA being hosted in the Mother City, what do you love about Cape Town?  

Ah, man… Cape Town is just so beautiful! I love that you can take a walk every day without having to drive out for miles. There’s a lot more to say, but I was there recently and those are top of mind 

Twitter, Instagram: @ThatNicole 
Facebook Profile: @ThatNicoledaSilva 
Facebook Page: @ImThatNicoledaSilva 

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