SA’s newest airline looks to #upLIFTsa and FAME Week Africa 2022

South Africa’s newest and most flexible airline will be teaming up with FAME Week Africa’s drive to bring the film/television, arts/animation, music/media and entertainment sector together in the second annual FAME Week Africa Event in the Host City of Cape Town from 24 – 26 August 2022.

In a move that proves not even the sky is the limit, LIFT’s mission to #upLIFTsa includes the heart of FAME Week Africa’s focus, the creative industries. Soaring above the beautiful Host City of Cape Town, LIFT will be flying industry specialists, speakers and guests to the prestigious entertainment event.

FAME Week Africa Event Director Judy Goddard says the new airline’s mission to #upLIFTsa aligns with FWA’s initiative to bring together a galaxy of creatives and industry professionals from across the African continent.

FAME Week Africa Lift SA

“Following our inaugural event in 2021, members of the creative industries can revel in a conference programme and exhibition by day, and enchanting festivals by night. Having LIFT as a travel partner brings a new dimension to getting where we need to be quickly and efficiently,” she says.

Haydn Henning, marketing team member at LIFT noted the airline’s mission to #upLIFTsa, and the many industries impacted by the pandemic. Says Henning: “We started at home to #upLIFTsa in the aviation and travel sector and quickly moved into the arts.

“LIFT proudly hosted the first music album launch and silent disco in the South African skies in a live, unforgettable acoustic performance at 30 000ft. In celebration of our launch, LIFT’s very own theme song “LIFT me higher” was beautifully composed and performed by music icon, Zolani Mahola, The One Who Sings.”

Exhibitors and visitors attending the show will receive a 10% discount when booking their flights with the carrier.

Henning says, “We are looking forward to bringing sparkle and enthusiasm to the skies with FAME Week Africa. This gives us the opportunity to show industry leaders that together we can #upLIFTsa by raising up the many industries impacted by the pandemic.”

Adds Goddard: “The skies over the Host City of Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain are open for business and looking forward to uplifting SA. Welcome, LIFT.”

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