Netflix’s Silverton Siege: A Riveting Free Mandela Movement Birth Story

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Netflix has dropped the trailer of its upcoming action thriller film ‘Silverton Siege’ that is inspired by true events of 1980 South Africa. Helmed by South African filmmaker Mandla Dube, ‘Silverton Siege’ will premiere exclusively on Netflix on 27th April, coinciding with South Africa’s Freedom Day.

The trailer follows three young African freedom fighters as they end up in an unplanned bank hostage situation after a high paced chase with police following a failed sabotage mission. The video then gives a little background of one of them who talks about how police gunned down his parents when he was a little boy and from there he decided not to stop until he avenged them.

Surrounded by piece from every side, these three know that leaving that bank would result in one of the two things – prison or death. To make the most out of the situation they plan to negotiate for a life that is worth everything. It is then that they demand for the immediate release of Nelson Mandela.

With a belief that as long as one of their people is in chains none of them is free, the trio takes on an almost impossible mission and turn it into a movement with no surrender and no retreat. Little did they know that what they started would give birth to a global movement.

Silverton Siege’ is based on a true story where after a failed sabotage mission, a trio of anti-apartheid freedom fighters end up in a tense bank hostage situation and later sparkled the global ‘Free Mandela’ movement.

Pambili Media has produced ‘Silverton Siege’ for Netflix with Walter Ayres and Mandla Dube serving as its executive producers. The film stars Thabo Rametsi, Noxolo Dlamini, Stefan Erasmus and Arnold Vosloo in prominent roles. ‘Silverton Siege’ will premiere on Netflix on 27th April, 2022.

Watch the intriguing and inspiring trailer of Netflix’s ‘Silverton Siege’ here👇🏼

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