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Mond Motadi Productions is a LGBTQIA digital multimedia company founded by Mond Motadi, an award-winning writer, producer, SABC TV presenter, and creative director. The company was established in 2019. The company’s core mandate is about creating authentic lgbtqia+ content within multimedia. The company was created after the founder identified a moment of opportunity in media where there wasn’t enough queer representation continuously.

Mond Motadi

Their vision

Their vision as a company is to create enough queer visibility within media in order to create diversity and inclusion within different societies across Africa and the world.

Their Mission

  • To write queer stories for the different platforms within digital media.
  • Campaigns that are often pushed by brands hardly include a true representation of society which has queer people thus we will rectify that by painting an inclusive society in our campaigns.
  • There are not enough queer tv shows on traditional broadcasting and streaming platform. we will write scripts for streaming platforms and social media platforms
  • Queer people don’t want to be segregated within property, we will integrate them by creating campaigns that create safe spaces.
Mond Motadi
Mond Motadi Team

Key factors

  1. Desire
    we desire to open a studio curated for creatingcurated content that would be lucrative for broadcastersacross the world and africa.
  2. Responsibility
    our key responsibility is to ensure that we curate the language used within media to properly address the community .
  3. Relations
    our Relation is soleley based on the partnerships and stakeholders of the brands we are affiliated with in order to create our work. We curate policies according to our mandate.
  4. Creative
    We are a creative company so we recruite creatives based on particular projects which often include large scale productions.


Content is now consumed at a faster rate and short form is becoming more popular , people are unable to package content in a short form especially queer content due to its ever expanding vocabulary. We identify the lack of representation within media and we want to occupy that gap.

The SocietyThe EnvironmentIndustry Gate Keepers
Broadcasters say that a large audience of South Africa is still conservative and won’t buy into queer content.We are able to see this lack of representation in society when they don’t get queer peoples pronouns or identity right.Commissioning editors and producers on traditional media don’t want to commission content by young producers .


White Blue Modern Company Profile

They will use their research on the lgbtqia+ living standard of measure to provide insight in every narrative curated for the platforms within multimedia. This will allow us to decrease the market gap and gain competitiveness in a digital world. They are a digital company with big dreams of diversity, with each narrative they create they hope that they will be a step closer to an equal society. Media is a powerful tool that can change the world one narrative at a time. Join them on this journey.

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