Miss PVK: Decide on what really sets you apart

Phenyo Victory Kgongwana, professionally known as Miss PVK, is a twerk dance fitness expert, part time TV commercial model, model scout and passionate creative director. 

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows.
I’m a hopeless romantic that believes in love and dreams really coming true.

What tips can you share that have helped to shape your career?
Decide on what really sets you apart – what can I do that is unique to me? Now set clear goals on how you will master this this, do it on purpose, when you do it give it your all (be intentional) and also be real (not getting it all the way right is part of the purpose). Thereafter, be consistent: continue, continue and continue.

Best performance you have been a part of?
When I lived in France, Lyon in a small village called Meyzieu (2013). I was invited as a guest performer to a Live Dance Show in the neighbouring village, Cremieu. I managed to perform for 1 000+ spectators. It was the best solo performance ever. I choreographed and directed it myself. A true artists dream come true.

Advice you would give to your 18 year old self in one sentence.
What is meant for you will never pass you by. So what decides to leave, let it. Follow your heart but take your brain with you.

Best advice you were given when you started out.
Let your better be better than you best. 

With FAME Week Africa being hosted in the Mother City, what do you love about Cape Town?
I love being able to enjoy meals on their outside terraces. I enjoy the multiple outdoor activities one can do at a whim: mountain, land and see adventures. Lastly, visiting University of Cape Town as an alumni.

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