Marcia Moon

Marcia Moon is a Fantasy Style Singer/Songwriter. She has been performing live for over two decades, and until date released 4 studio albums;  ”A Gradual Awakening” (2007), ”Marcia Moon” (2014), ‘’Two Decades’’ (2019) ‘’X’’ (2021), and two singles; ”Die Heks van Heksrivier Vallei” and ”Tienduisend Gode” (2017). She is currently working on her fifth studio album. She sings and writes in both English, and her mother tongue, Afrikaans. Marcia is also known for directing and shooting her own theatrical-style music videos, and is currently expanding her library of video art of her songs. She has performed at most big South African music festivals, and toured the UK, South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique as a performing artist. Her theatre and intimate house concert style shows are the one that she is most famous for.

Her fantasy style storytelling through songs, performance and music videos, has been described as mystical, magical and gothic. She uses an element of escapism to communicate and share stories of her own psyche and myths and legends of South Africa.

Marcia is also the founder of ‘’We Are Songwriters Africa’’ which is an online and live performance showcase for Singer/Songwriters across Africa that has been going for more than ten years.  She is currently doing her Master’s Student in Criminology, specializing in African Cosmology.

WhatsApp: +27 (0)71 7988 991

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