Kimon Releases Cinematic LGBTQAI+ Music Video for “Feel What You Wanna Feel” This Pride Month

Kimon Releases Cinematic LGBTQAI+ Music Video for “Feel What You Wanna Feel” this Pride Month

To view the music video for “Feel What You Wanna Feel”:

17 June 2022 – Today, in celebration of pride month, Kimon releases the much anticipated music video for this latest single “Feel What You Wanna Feel”. 

A music video that makes you want to fall in love. Kimon with his debut single is highlighting the LGBTQAI+ community in South Africa. This cinematic rendition of joyful love in all its diversity brings home a message of hope, to many who have been marginalised and vilified for their orientation and sexuality.

A quirky surreal world is depicted representing a safe space and normalising emotions that in many parts of the world are kept a secret. It is also a story about unrequited love. Beautifully filmed and edited, Kimon moves as a bystander to this lyrical and visual infusion. Celebrate with pride and watch this inspirational and alternative work of visual pop art and music. 

Now at age 24, Kimon, a classical artist from Randburg, South Africa, has gone Pop. He released his first single titled “Feel What You Wanna Feel” earlier in 2022. The song has been released with independent record label/film audio company – 475 Audio Productions and distributed by Paradise Africa.

“What I really want is for all of us to be free in our own truths, to be able to feel what you wanna feel”- says Kimon

The lyrics embody a basic human need, to love and to receive love in return.

Feel What You Wanna Feel is a dark pop ballad with elements of soul and R&B. The song speaks about being unable to express one’s emotions or be with a person you love, especially when society has deemed that love to be wrong or different. 

Music journalists have compared Kimon’s unmistakable vocal tone to the qualities of the likes of Sam Smith, Hozier and James Blake.

The single, Feel What You Wanna Feel has reached No1, on the 5FM 5 Nights Pop Chart.

To view the music video for “Feel What You Wanna Feel”:

The Single is Available on streaming Services Worldwide:


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Follow Kimon on FB + Instagram here.Alternatively use the handle @kimon.official for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Note To Editor: 

About Kimon

Kimon started playing piano at 2 years old and is regarded by many people who know him as a musical prodigy. He attended the Drakensburg Boys’ Choir School and received a music scholarship to Hilton College. In his final year at Hilton College, he got a Berklee Songwriters Composition Scholarship and attended Berklee’s 5-week summer course in Boston, USA. He then went on to graduate from AFDA with a BA degree in Music Live Performance.

Kimon started working on his debut classical album at age 11 and released it in 2014. The album did very well and it debuted on Classic FM with Kimon live in-studio for his first radio interview. The album went on to get heavy rotation on the station and is still played today. He is also an accomplished film composer with his scores featured in short-films at festivals locally and internationally as well as in television documentaries produced for Mnet.

Fun Facts: 

Kimon is a bit of a polyglot with music as his first language followed by English, Zulu and a bit of Greek and Afrikaans and his party trick of counting to10 in over 30 different languages, always gets a good giggle. 


On the surface Kimon’s upbeat and comedic personality is in stark-contrast to his soulful and thought-provoking music. He says that music has always been a release for his deeper emotions. This artist is truly an all rounded talent with many tricks up his sleeve.

Music Video Release: 

Catch his amazing music video of, Feel What You Wanna Feel from Friday the 17th of June 2022. It will be available on Youtube and most digital and TV platforms for a great viewing experience.

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Tamaryn Nicholson

Tamaryn Nicholson

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