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Kimon started playing piano at 2 years old and is regarded by many people who know him as a musical prodigy. He attended the Drakensburg Boys’ Choir School and received a music scholarship to Hilton College. In his final year at Hilton College, he got a Berklee Songwriters Composition Scholarship and attended Berklee’s 5-week summer course in Boston, USA.

He then went on to graduate from AFDA with a BA degree in Music Live Performance. Kimon started working on his debut classical album at age 11 and released it in 2014. The album did very well and it debuted on Classic FM with Kimon live in-studio for his first radio interview. The album went on to get heavy rotation on the station and is still played today. He is also an accomplished film composer with his scores featured in short-films at festivals locally and internationally as well as in television documentaries produced for Mnet.

1. Tell us a little bit about your life in music and how you started?

I started music at a very young age. I was put on the piano at the age of 2 and started singing along to Anastasia at 4. I started lessons when I was 5 and have been going ever since then. I pretty much dedicated my whole life to music because it’s where I found that I could truly express myself. I also went to the Drakensberg boys choir school as well as the Berklee summer course to explore music further.

2. What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my EP and Album as well as the music videos for the songs. I’m collaboratively producing other up and coming artists to try and help them start their career.

3. What is your favourite thing about what you do?

I truly enjoy being in studio and creating music but I’d have to say my favorite thing is performing for people and sharing my music with them. It’s because I put so much of my heart and soul into my songs and at the end of a song, I’ve gone through a journey and it’s helped me to overcome my inner-demons. I hope that in sharing my music, I can help others go on their own journeys.

4. How do you think we can grow the creative industry and bring African content to the world?

I believe that collaboration is key. If we as artists collaborate with each other, we are each exposing ourselves to new audiences and it’s very likely that we will gain support along the way. It’s only through collaboration that we can grow; as an individual, as an artist and as Africans in the African community. We as a continent, are strong and rich with culture and different ideas and that’s what the world is looking for; something new, something different and with collaboration a fusion of old, new and different can create a never heard before sound. It’s ultimately the support for each other, as Africans, that will grow us and share our content the world. Social media is powerful and with enough support, we can share our greatness with the world.

5. Tell us a little bit about why you love Cape Town – The host city for FAME Week Africa.

I truly feel at home in Cape Town. I only lived there for a year but it was one of the best years of my life. There’s a sense of community and a general kindness that people have. In a place where there is so much love and respect for each other, it’s easy to feel like you belong. I couldn’t think of a better place to host FAME Week Africa.

6. What and who inspires you?

I often use my own experiences as inspiration. I find it comforting that I can turn negative and sometimes traumatic experiences into a beautiful art form. Often times, my experiences aren’t that intense and I’ll embellish and exaggerate the emotions of a particular situation to inspre a song. I’m also inspired by many artists across different genres such as Sam Smith, Adele, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Bill Evens, Anastasia, Billie Eiliesh and the list honestly goes on. Due to having such a diverse and rich musical upbringing, I like to take from different genres and see what I can use as inspiration.

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