Jules: Strong female front woman for Goodluck

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, GoodLuck is a group of live-electronic musicians, pop producers, songwriters, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. As one of the country’s most successful exports, the band has been touring the world since 2012 with a clear focus on using their music as a force for good.

Jules wth Goodluck

GoodLuck‘s music is madly diverse and continually evolving, it seems the trio of Jules, Ben and Tim are never satisfied with resting on what they have achieved. Since the band’s inception, GoodLuck has reached 23 x Top40 radio singles, 9 charting number one singles and performed thousands of shows around the world.

GoodLuck always seems to be on an adventure – from recording an entire album in the Namibian desert powered entirely on solar power – to reinventing some of their biggest hits with an 11-piece swing band, there seems very little this trio won’t turn their hand to, to make magic.

GoodLuck fans are devoted and the band have sold out shows across South Africa, The UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Namibia and Vietnam. They founded and produced their own summer festival series Get Lucky Summer, which has grown to sell around 25 000 tickets yearly. You’d understand why there’s such ardent support when you see their live show. Simply put, it’s crazy.

I would challenge anyone to try and not dance when GoodLuck is performing. It is high-energy, high engagement and a whirlwind of saxophone, keyboards and the maddest array of electronic instruments that all create a backdrop for a strong female front woman.

In some ways, GoodLuck is the biggest best-kept secret. An act who’ve held their own alongside some of the top artists in the world (like Pharrell Williams, Groove Armada, Martin Garrix, Lost Frequencies, Basement Jaxx, Jungle and more) and still control the underground hype of the undiscovered gem.

As GoodLuck prepares for the next phase of their career, the band keeps true to the core of who they are and why they exist. “We know that if we keep writing great songs that can help people through all the chaos in life and if we can keep us all dancing… everything else will fall into place.”

Q & A with Jules:

Tell us a bit about who you are and how your journey into the industry began.

Hello! My name is Jules, I am the lead singer of a band called GoodLuck. Wow, trying to think back to where it all began…  I had spent my childhood learning to play guitar and piano with my dad, and I suppose my love for music began there, but my true passion for the industry started when I started writing songs around the age of 12 years old. Fast forward a few years to when I met Ben, and GoodLuck was born. The rest is history!

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

Just from being alive really. There are so many stories to tell… sometimes they are my own, sometimes they are other people’s tales. I love to also write about nature and the fragile relationships we enjoy with it. I think I also love writing some that are fun and playful but with a deeper message hidden in the lyrics.

What tips can you share that have helped shape your career?

I think it’s important to build a team around you – this industry is not easy and there is only so much you can do on your own. Build up a team of people who believe in you and who share your vision. There are so many lessons to learn in the music industry but at the end of the day you just need to stay true to what you are wanting to express and share with the world… the rest will take care of itself!

Why is women’s month important?

Even though it’s hard to believe, women are still on a journey to finding their voice and place in the world. There are still places and countries where women are treated very differently from men and until we have a more balanced global ethos, we need to continue to acknowledge how far we have come but also to remember the challenges we have faced over centuries of marginalisation.

In the music industry, it is also a lot more challenging to be a woman. The pressures attached to being a woman are far greater from many perspectives and you really need to be a force of strength to be able to cope with a lot of them. I think it is important to use women’s month to celebrate rather than discriminate, it should never be about pulling men down but rather lifting women up.

What is your most memorable performance to date?

One was quite recent, I had the privilege of singing the South African National anthem at the Rugby a few weeks ago and it was totally overwhelming to hear so many people singing together as one for our country. I think another was a gig we performed in London, I was expecting zero reaction from the 15,000 people attending but they went absolutely crazy for our music and it was so awesome to see how you can win a crowd over.

What projects are you currently working on? 

We are busy working on our super exciting event series Get Lucky Summer – it’s the GoodLuck residency where we hit the coastal towns over December & January holidays. This year we will be in Cape Town, Hermanus & Plett (including an incredible 3-day NYE festival) and we are SO excited to be touring and performing again after 3 years of difficult times.

What do you think makes African content so unique?

I think Africa is almost the “last undiscovered gem” in the world, and that makes us super interesting and unique. Our people, our natural beauty, our rawness… our music! All of these things make Africa the most magical continent to live on.

Which women have the most impact on your career?

Musically my biggest inspiration is probably Dusty Springfield… She is just class, I am also a BIG fan of my friend Msaki… What a songwriter!!! Then from an ideology perspective, I have been very influenced by Vandana Shiva (the seed mother), she is an incredible woman with so much love and kindness in her eyes and I love the message she has been sharing with the world!

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