Jacko Ndione

Jacques Déthié Ndione also known as Jacko Ndione, burst into the limelight with his first band Awan which consisted of 5 members: a kora player, clarinetist, drummer, bass player and guitar singer.

Jacko graduated in 2016 from the Cheikh Anta Diop University where he studied for a Master of Art in African and Postcolonial Studies from the Department of Anglophone studies.

He said in an interview with a local Sengalese media Le quotidien that this conducted research has allowed him to transpose the melodies and distinctive African colors on the guitar to design a kind of originality in his playing.

Jacko has done many collaborations with different artists from other countries in Africa and in the world. Indeed, it is in this prospect the project Afrokosmic bridging-cultures came out in 2018. It is a way blending African traditional sonorities and rhythms into modern style music.

The band was composed at the beginning with 6 different musicians from 4 different countries Senegal, Morocco, Mali and Congo but as we can see the band didn’t last longer due to shortcomings they had encountered some months later.
But the idea and spirit of the music is still being embodied by the artist who take it as a new vision to adapt our African traditional style into all that reflects modern music.

He is currently working on his solo first album and has singles played on radio and available to download and stream.

Jacko Ndione is an evolving artist who we can say, will have a lot to show to the world.

Contact: jacokack1988@gmail.com

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