Inverroche features four leading creators of African luxury in new film

The Inverroche film is an extraordinary creative expression of a pioneering spirit, which is aptly called Pioneering by Nature. It features bold and distinct fashion designer Palesa Mokubung, award-winning ceramicist Zizipo Poswa, culinary artist extraordinaire Wandile Mabaso, and pioneering Inverroche founder Lorna Scott. 

In making the film, the four pioneers of the present invited the outside world into the inner world of a pioneer’s process. Using raw materials, tools and other creative artefacts,  the main characters of the film bring together beautiful creations, led by powerful vision. 

Pioneering by Nature showcases the creative expression of pioneering spirits

Stillbaai, “the Bay of Sleeping Beauty”, with its striking African Fynbos botanicals, is the film location. This is also where the Inverroche Distillery was established and where its story is refined and crafted as a pioneer of artisanal African luxury gin.   

Watch the film below:

The film explores a simple trail of thought: What makes a pioneer? It all starts with a search, and imagination inspired by Stillbaai and its history. Ancestral tales of how early humans prepared food; the intricacy of an ancient and revered art form using clay; and being in the cradle of creativity were some of the stimuli that ignited the artistic expressions in the film.  

Scott wanted to create a coalition of pioneers in the African luxury goods sphere. “To look beyond the obvious is integral to being a pioneer, because if you’re to be first you have to be different and break the barriers of the norm,” she says.

“How do you remain a pioneer? You always have to innovate and stay one step ahead of the rest, that is one of the ways I thought we could expand and dive deep into one of the core elements of our brand story which is creativity. I thought this story would be told more passionately if we could bring together pioneers who were doing exactly that.”

Says Inverroche brand manager Grant Hendricks: “We want viewers of this brand film to walk away with is that African luxury is not a theory, it’s a living movement that we as a pioneering luxury African gin will remain an active part of until the world recognises our continent’s ingenious contribution to creativity.” 

The film owes its success to its remarkable collaborations, including with the iconic Shado Twala lending her voice to narrate the film. Pioneering by Nature breaks the mould of brand collaboration and promises to be the first step on a journey towards telling credible stories of African luxury creators and pioneers from a perspective of the self-sufficiency Africa has always had. 

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