IconiKidZ is a South African hip hop duo officially formed in 2020 in Kimberley, Northern Cape, consisting of rappers Rebxrn Kiing (15) and Iconik Nino (18). They are widely recognized for their catchy hooks, relatable lyrics and their memorable stage performances. IconiKidZ pronounced as Iconic Kids are two young boys old pursuing their dreams and their motto is to inspire people that you are never too young or too old to start pursuing what you love. On top of their aspirations, they both agree on being the biggest duo in the music industry. On how they came up with their name @Iconik Nino says “We just loved working together since ‘Company’ then we thought of making it a duo. Then we suggested names then @Rebxrn Kiing suggested IconiKidZ too then we went with it because it defines how we are “iconic”.

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