Ian Albertyn

I was born and raised in Cape Town, I was raised in a Christian home where right was right and wrong was wrong.

I’m a strong believer in God and I always look to the positive side of life cause LIFE is a gift from God.

I always choose to be different and not follow the crowd and the norm in life’s patterns and always strive to see the God plan in all areas of my life. I love creating new ideas and building them bringing my ideas to life by breathing life into it.

I draw a lot of my inspiration out of life and all God’s creation. I love studying the way people think and live life “we all have a different view of life”. In life we need to grow and we need people, so I always say you need only 2 friends “one that is above you and one below you” so one helps you up and the other one you help up. I love helping people and giving and sharing that makes me complete and gives me my sense of my worth.

My vision with my art is to go out into this lost world and just make a difference where I can by just lending a helping hand where there is need, bring awareness to people and open the worlds eyes to realize that we all need each other and need good role models in life and that we all serve a purpose.

I always say “the change starts in your mind” you have to “DREAM THINK CREATE”. I use wooden blocks to build my art “building dreams block by BLOCK”

So each small block represents a human life and if we find our correct position in LIFE “ hence me placing the blocks in the correct position” we automatically form the BIGGER picture.

I’m a visionary and a creative who believes in LIFE…

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