How to: 5 Steps On How To Create A Release Plan

Original article by Paballo Dhlamini for Zkhiphani

A release plan is also there to coordinate marketing and public relations activations to promote your music

Creating a release plan or roll out plan is important when you are about to release an album, an EP, a music video or/ and a single. This will help you set goals and targets for yourself as well as give you an idea of where you want to see your music heading. A release plan is also there to coordinate marketing and public relations activations to promote your music.

What’s important to remember is that a release plan should be done at least 2 months ahead of the official release, why? Because it gives you enough time to pitch to Radio, TV, Traditional and online media as it may take a while to get feedback, so always try to stay ahead. A release plan should also be divided into 3 phases:

  1. Pre-Release (The plan before the project drops)
  2. Live (The plan on the day the project drops)
  3. Post- Release (The plan after the project has dropped)

Without any further delays, here are ways to create a killer release plan:

Step 1: Goals

First identify your goals, what activities do you want to for the release? this could be anything from getting an interview on a major radio station, reaching 10K views on your music video in two weeks after release or even getting a newspaper feature. Write down your goals and divide them into the three phases mentioned above.

Here is a guideline of what to add to your goals;

  • Social media content plan
  • DSP playlists pitching (Spotify, Apple Music etc.)
  • Radio submission (specify stations)
  • Radio Interviews
  • Traditional and Online Media interviews (specify media platform)
  • TV music video submission
  • TV performances and interviews (specify shows)
  • Promo Flyers
  • Social media promo flyers
  • Podcast interviews (specify show)
  • Launch

Just to name a few, fee free to add things like; promo shows, appearances, listening sessions etc.

Step 2: Preparations

Once you’ve set your goals, you’ll have an idea of what you’ll need to reach our goals, start preparing your music, press pictures and press releases, basically anything that you’ll need.  

Step 3: Pitch

DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE TO PITCH! It does not matter if you pitch months before your release, the goal is to have a successful release, not to keep your work a ‘secret’. Most artists fail when it comes to this step because of last minute pitching especially if you are still an emerging artist, give people some time to get to know you.

Step 4: Follow Up

Follow up every two weeks on your submissions and pitches.

Step 5: Execution

Now you can execute your release plan. This means that you put your plan into effect.

Come up with unique, brilliant ideas. Don’t be scared to be different, that way you’ll stand out.

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