FWA Connect takes centre stage as FAME industry powerhouse

The power of RX globally has enabled FAME Week Africa to rapidly respond and to assist their clients in future-proofing their businesses and create new ways to engage with creatives, producers, musicians, animators, digital wizards and more.

In partnership with the Host City of Cape Town, RX Africa is raising the curtain with the launch of FWA Connect (www.fwaconnect.com), a virtual hub starring the Pan-African market with a focus on Animation, Film, Arts, Media and Entertainment industries.

FWA Connect is the digital arm of FAME Week Africa. Launching in September 2021, FAME Week Africa is set to become the continent’s unrivalled cornerstone of business development, connecting industry professionals and creatives, transforming three days of exchange and networking, meetings, screenings and conferences, into lasting business.

“FWA Connect offers curated content, industry news and insights, and a place where experts on a variety of industry-related will host webinars for the world. It will also offer back-stage passes into the lives of the people who make up this vibrant creative industry,” says Martin Hiller, Creative + Content Director for FAME Week Africa.

The stage is set

Visit this innovative content hub www.fwaconnect.com and immerse yourself in ballet shoes and building views; Move over Disney: African audiences want more stories; How virtual reality technology is making people care about the environment; Why Cape Town and the Western Cape is emerging as a film and tech powerhouse; and more.

FAME Week Africa

FAME Week Africa

FWA Connect bringing the Film, Arts, Media and Entertainment sector together by providing creative industry professionals on the African continent with news, trends and in-depth articles.

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