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Frankie Maston

Frankie Maston is an AfroSoul, RnB & Pop musician from Tanzania. He draws inspiration from many artists in the world who sing and write along soul, RnB,reggae and Afropop. He loves nature and has a very unique sense of style inspired by his very own fashion brand ‘Kali Elegance‘.

Frankie fell in love with music from a very young age. It was in 2016 when he decided tokick start his music career, performing live on different platforms in Dar es Salaam (LyricistLounge, Coffee House Sessions etc).

  1. Tell us a little bit about your career and how you started?
    I’m a singer, songwriter and performer. Officially started my music career as a live performer in 2016, a year after I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. At the time I really just wanted to cover some of my favourite songs LIVE and so I went to as many open mic events as I could. Then slowly started opening for some popular artists in Dar es salaam peninsula until I finally released my first single in 2017.  Throughout that time I found my audience and went on to create my own live music platforms “Music Box & Acoustic Brews” that now offer an opportunity to other amazing musicians too.
  2. What projects are you currently working on?
    I am currently on a roll out of my debut E.P “Mirrored”, a sweet body of rhythm and melodies that embodies the story of a talent from a veiled society, MY STORY. Being my first ever EP, and the weight it carries, I am excited to see how this body of work will be translated into people’s lives, especially the ones sharing similar struggles and the ones who are mostly afraid to even look at themselves in a mirror and from within. Like any other creative, being in the studio never stops – I feel very inspired to collaborate more with other artists and explore new sounds that I haven’t yet tried. It’s funny that I’m about to launch this upcoming E.P (Mirrored) but already am three more albums ahead of it. haha! 
  3. What is your favourite thing about what you do?
    I enjoy Live performances and always look forward to my shows because its where I get a deeper connection with my audience. I love to entertain and serenade people, seeing their reactions whenever we’d try different renditions of my songs, hearing them sing along…. always a great experience. And most importantly dancing our breaths away. It’s a ball of fun and makes all this worthwhile.
  4. What is your best career highlight so far?
    I remember in 2020 I got the opportunity to perform at the Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar and that was already such a big deal for me, as one of Wakazi’s featured acts on the festival’s main stage. When I was performing Mimi na Wewe (a song I did with Mimi Mars and Yeyo TMC from Tanzania) the crowd exploded and ran with the chorus. I was shocked because in my mind, that was a whole new crowd with people from all over the world and so I didn’t expect them to even know the song at the time, much less sing along to it. If I could, I would hit rewind and keep that moment on repeat for a while. BUT I know and I can feel a whirlwind of experiences coming up soonest as I manifest greatness and so much growth with my upcoming E.P. 
  5. Tell us a little bit about where you are from?
    I am born and raised Tanzanian. Grew up mostly in Dar es Salaam where I’m currently based in. Originally from Northwestern Tanzania.Looking at Dar es salaam as a more vibrant city, rich in culture – we call it the city of opportunities. Coming from Northwest Tanzania, we were in owe of the tall buildings, fly overs, THE OCEAN and its BEACHES (easily fall inlove). Tanzania as awhole has a lot to offer and so many opportunities to tap into. DO NOT SLEEP ON US
  6. What and who inspires you?
    I grew up listening to alot of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Miriam Makeba, Aretha Franklin, Etta James and so forth, it is an endless list. Their music contributes to my love for R&B and Soul. There are other genres that I also love, like Reggae, Afro & Pop and these are some of the artists that I appreciate, like Asa, Sauti Sol, Vanessa Mdee, Etana, Lady Jaydee, Tiwa Savage to name a few.
  7. How do you think we can grow the creative industry and bring African content to the world?They say Africa is next, I say Africa is NOW and is evident with all these other artists and creatives already paving the way for us. The digital era has definitely played a huge role in making the world even smaller and easier to penetrate the global scale, educating ourselves with the in and outs of the Business. And really uplifting each other, when you are in a position to pull another artists/creatives – so there are more of us on the table – do it, as we are stronger when there are more of us.
  8. What tips can you give an artist who wants to build a reputation and a career that is going to keep them relevant in the industry?
    You have heard this before but truly BE YOURSELF, it is very easy to want to be someone else, another artist etc, but the truth of the matter is everybody is seeking something new, OWN your craft, BE your craft and understand nobody owes you anything and with that, always push yourself, your craft and when need be, embrace change without changing too much of who you are.Furthermore, network, use all the tools you have in your favor.
  9. What is your favourite thing about being African
    It is a privilege being African in itself, the resilience, the Queens, kings and dynasties that come from this continent is indescribable. I am thankful God chose me to be African.

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