FAME Week Africa to re-ignite creative industries

RX Africa is partnering with the city of Cape Town on FAME Week Africa, a new event to connect film, arts, media and entertainment creatives and re-ignite business in the wake of Covid-19.

Taking a hybrid approach, with online platforms and real-time interaction, FAME Week Africa will be a virtual business-to-business conference programme and exhibition by day and live festivals and performances by night. A diverse array of industry leaders will deliver keynotes and webinars on how to respond to the shortage of content and create opportunities after months of business downtime. The event will run from 3 -5 October 2021.

“With so much overlap in these creative sectors, we had already identified the need for such an event, however the pandemic has dramatically amplified it” explained Martin Hiller, Content and Creative Director for FAME Week Africa, adding: ”Coronavirus has been killing the box office, with a $10b loss reportedly felt by the global film industry, and the music, arts and entertainment industry suffering similar losses. We aim to reignite these industries on the African continent at FAME Week Africa, becoming the go-to place for creative industry professionals looking for African content and talent.”

As part of the inaugural event, Fame Week Africa will feature the FAME Reel Talent Showcase on 5 October 2021 – an in-person, red carpet gala extravaganza, presenting the best in African artists in the film, arts, media and entertainment industries. In addition, there will be an in-person conference alongside the Cape Town International Film Festival.

Finally, the Host City of Cape Town will also have pop-up experiences in and around the city at creative locations such as film studios and art galleries.

“Covid-19 has provided us with an opportunity to reimagine events, resulting in various events and organisers coming together to provide an exceptional offering for exhibitors and visitors,” says Megan Oberholzer, Portfolio Director for travel, tourism and creative industries at RX Africa.

FAME Week Africa

FAME Week Africa

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