FAME Week Africa gets behind #WatchOurStreams #ItTakesACrew

With the move back into Level 4 lockdown, live events are once again prohibited, which is a massive blow to all the people behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, as well as musicians and entertainers. 

But while the industry can’t do live events at the moment, they can still do live streams.  Content creation and streaming is creating much needed work for crews, studios, artists etc, especially when brands get behind them.

With this in mind, the industry has galvanized to create an awareness campaign to make the public realise that by watching streams, streaming music, buying merch etc, they are not only supporting the artists, but they’re supporting the teams behind them too.

You can join the movement.  Share these posts using the hashtags #WatchOurStreams and #ItTakesACrew

You can use these assets to push whatever streams you want your followers to watch.

All creative assets, including animated MP4’s and a frame for you to insert your own crew image can be downloaded from here

FAME Week Africa

FAME Week Africa

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