FAME Week Africa 2021: Media, where story-telling was born

As part of FAME Week Africa 2021, a celebration of the diverse talent and variety of platforms in the media space will acknowledge the remarkable talent that continues the tradition of African storytelling, bringing the art from ancient rock painting to digital messaging and streaming extravaganzas.

In partnership with the Host City of Cape Town, RX Africa presents FAME Week Africa 2021, an event set to become the continent’s unrivalled foundation of business development for the Film, Arts, Media and Entertainment (FAME) industries.

An important and highly anticipated part of FAME Week Africa 2021 will be Talent Showcase: Media, recognising African influencers and exceptional usage of media platforms across the following categories:
• Digital Media/ Social Media
• Streaming services
• Traditional media

For influencers, an influencer portfolio must be submitted.

From 3 – 5 October 2021, RX Africa will celebrate the diverse talent who represent Africa and her people at meetings, screenings and content sessions that will bring a plethora of opportunities to an industry ready for new prospects.

The FAME Reel Talent Showcase closing date for showcase submissions is 14 August 2021, so make sure your part of Africa’s media tapestry arrives on time to be judged at this inaugural event that is history – and her story – in the making.

Enter here.

FAME Week Africa

FAME Week Africa

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