Evert Esterhuizen

Evert is primarily a self taught artist and started dabbling in watercolour and acrylics while studying- he completed his undergrad and post grad studies at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth and holds a masters degree in architecture.

Inspiration: the vegetation of the far Eastern regions of South Africa is extraordinarily lush, vivid and layered. Growing up with regular trips up the wild coast, the density and abundant layers of the dramatic Transkei coastline, landscape and vegetation have left an indelible impression in the way he views the world: as a series of layers, rich in complex patterns and contrasting colours… an idea which strongly informs his work.

The use of silhouettes has been a powerful tool he discovered in architecture school: the flip of a wrist, the tilt of a head or the nuanced proximity of bodies speaks volumes about the subject’s state of mind.
Emotions are universally identifiable human experiences expressed (partly) through body language… a language highlighted in silhouettes:
Creative tycoon, Iris Apfel’s mantra: ‘More is more and less is a bore’, has been a continuous guideline for fearless creative exploration through intuitive mark making.

Selected artwork

I dare you
Entertain this idea

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