Entertainment – is there still a place for it in the corporate world?

With most company’s meetings, conferences and events going online, it’s hard to believe that you’d still have a place for entertainment in those digital settings. We’ve all joined numerous meetings online that can feel quite cold. It sometimes feels like we’ve lost the human connection, and sitting in our individual home offices, we can feel disconnected from our colleagues and associates.

Written by DJ Dino Bravo

So let’s take a step back and remind ourselves why entertainment was ever a part of these settings in the first place.

Setting the scene

Most events and conferences were normally kicked off ‘with a bang’ that would capture everyone’s interest and set the tone for what was to follow. Thumping beats, drummers, dancers, flashing lights – all of these serve to take the attention away from the challenges we all face, and centre everyone in the moment.

Boosting morale

As far as internal company events go, entertainment has always been a way of bringing people together and boosting morale. Your staff have faced many challenges this past year. They’ve been stressed; some staff members may have succumbed to the coronavirus pandemic, and where so much has changed in your business and in their personal lives, for so many people, how you engage them matters even more now.

Retaining attention

People have different attention spans, so the use of entertainment interspersed throughout the programme of a conference would bring people back to the matter at hand. It serves to shake off boredom, reignite passion and sharpen concentration.

Celebrating big moves

Music and dance as a method of celebration have allowed companies and their employees and stakeholders to mark the special occasions of their growth. New branch openings, mergers and acquisitions, targets met and exceeded – these have often been commemorated with entertainment.

Even with these gatherings of people being hosted online, the motivation behind engaging people remains the same: you will still want to set the scene, boost morale, retain attention and celebrate big moves. People can still be influenced and emotions can still be triggered digitally. Music can still be incorporated into online events. Entertainment can still be used digitally to bring people together – even if they are in multiple locations.

This is because entertainment doesn’t just boost morale – it heals.

DJ Dino Bravo is passionate about all things music, and this has translated into a career as a music producer and DJ. With 25 years of independent work in the entertainment industry under his belt, he is leveraging his experience as a music and entertainment consultant. His services include: music production, sound engineering, music content curation, entertainment strategy development, music/entertainment trends analysis.

This article first appeared on BizCommunity. Read the original article here.

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