El Broide: Creative industries are ever-changing

El Broide is a South African music and entertainment journalist. Throughout his career, he has written for publications such as Heat magazine and People magazine South Africa where he served as entertainment editor for seven years. El also runs his own PR and digital agency The Platinum Club where he services an array of corporate and celebrity clients.

Q&A with El Broide

How did you start in the industry?
I was lucky enough to connect with some inspiring and influential people in the media industry who were keen and willing to take a chance on a fresh-eyed boy straight out of university. My path was going into an agency but when the time came to get some experience, I thought I would at least blend my love for pop culture into that part of the process. So, I reached out to Heat magazine where I interned for half a year. Things fell into place soon after that internship ended and a few months later, I was hired as Entertainment Editor for People magazine South Africa. Two years later, I was looking for my next step and started my own PR and digital agency, The Platinum Club. Over the past seven years, the goal has been building that and I am proud to say that we have worked with some really big and inspiring brand on the corporate side of the brand while fueling my passion for the entertainment industry with the celebrity and music division.

What does your typical work day look like?
Honestly, every day looks so different. Some days its full of client meetings, others are days spent writing press releases and pitching to media, approving creative, brainstorming ideas, compiling reports and other admin. I think the routine of not having a routing is what excites me.

What do you think FAME Week Africa can offer the Pan-African Market?
I think it’s always great when the industry comes together. The arts and entertainment industry has gone through the most over the past year and a half with little to no support from the government. But, we’ve pushed through. We’ve shown such resilience throughout the pandemic and having events like FAME Week Africa does so much for those who don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a reminder that we WILL get through this.

What would you like to see FAME Week Africa offering in terms of masterclasses and industry discussions?
I think sharing information is something that we, as an industry, should start exploring more. Whether it be best practices, real-life scenarios of campaigns that have worked or not worked, how to maximize your impact in the industry based on what has proven successful in the past. GOODLUCK are a great example of this. Jules Harding, the group’s lead singer, has been sharing short videos assisting artists with all the information they need to make money from their music. She’s dissected everything from registering with SAMRO to understanding what royalties are, how to get music on streaming platforms, collaborations and so much more. I think sharing these tricks of the trade will inspire countless more in the industry to push and continue hustling..

What do you think the future of the creative industries look like?
I think we’ve grown accustomed to the fact that creative industries are ever-changing. Just a few years ago, TikTok wasn’t a thing. Today, I find myself on the app every day creating and pushing out content for clients. It’s just one example how one idea can change the entire landscape. All I know is that the digitisation of the industry is an important and exciting step. The sky is the limit, really..

With FAME Week Africa being hosted in the Mother City, what do you love about Cape Town?
Cape Town is everything. I love how metropolitan the city is, how creative the people are, how beautiful the landscape is. It really is such a magical city and, for someone so entrenched in the hustle and bustle of Jozi, it’s the perfect place to wind down but make magic at the same time.

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