DJ Abby Nurock, a natural on vinyl

Abby Nurock describes herself as a purist, devoting her life strictly to vinyl.

Her DJ career kicked off in 2002 with the purchase of her Technics SL/1210 turntables on which she continues to play today. Over the years she has performed at all of the major festivals and nightclubs
across the continent (alongside local and international headline acts), holding multiple residencies and growing her unique #StrictlyVinyl brand and reputation.

Her love for sourcing quality music drives her to expand her extensive collection of vinyl, boasting the latest techno and minimal/progressive beats as well as vocal, deep, funky, afro house and disco. She amalgamates old school classics and “fresh off the press” releases sourced locally and internationally from record labels around the world. Her versatility as a DJ transcends all genres and appeals to any crowd. She is raw, real and passionate.

Is there any advice you wish you were given when you started out?

Not everyone is going to like you or what you have to offer. Don’t take everything to heart, chin up, keep going and don’t give up.

Where can people catch you gigging?

I have residencies around JHB and PTA during the year at Zioux and Saint, Summit Skybar and other various rooftops and coming up I will be playing along the coast at Plett Rage, Corona Sunset parties, Caprice, Zsa Zsa etc. 

Why did you choose vinyl as an art form?

I learned how to DJ on vinyl and fell in love from the get-go! So many people tried to convince me to switch to digital, but I stuck to my passion. I have collected vinyl for over 20 years and continue to buy new releases every month. It’s my addiction! I’m a very tactile person so I love the realness. I also love that every show I play is ‘live’ as would any musical instrument be. It’s unpredictable and I am still learning to perfect my art with every single gig. 

How did you find yourself entering the DJ world and pursuing a career in DJing?

I started out when I completed high school as I always had a love for vinyl. I come from a family of musicians and thus it was in my DNA to gravitate towards music. I started playing for fashion shows, birthdays, agency parties (I was in advertising at the time), clubs and bars (for no money, just for the love and desire to play). I never imagined I would be on this path full time, but I went with the magical flow. And fast forward 20 years, now it’s my full-time career!

What is the best gig/performance you have experienced/ been a part of?

There have been so many highlights! I absolutely love playing at festivals and being able to play exactly what ignites my soul while sharing new and interesting music with people. At the same time, I love playing at spots where people are appreciative of the fact that I play on vinyl. The sense of pure elation I feel when I lock eyes with someone in the groove is indescribable. I have been so fortunate to play on stages alongside so many of my heroes and international DJ’s, but the highlights happen every week, every time I experience other people’s joy. It’s mind-blowing.

What do you feel the DJ industry needs in order to grow?

I’d obviously advocate bringing back the learning of DJ-ing on Vinyl!! More people should start from the roots to appreciate how music production and DJ-ing has evolved.

With FAME Week Africa being hosted in the Mother City, what do you love about Cape Town?

What’s not to love? 🙂

@djnurocksa #strictlyvinyl

Instagram: #djnurocksa

Soundcloud: @Abby Nurock

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