Cheslyn John Brandt

I am Cheslyn John Brandt from Ocean View, Cape Town. I have been painting since childhood, but never took my work seriously.

I worked on cruise ships for nearly 10 year and most of my free time onboard, I would end up drawing something to keep me happy. Most people use to tell me I am in the wrong industry and that I should be an artist. My partner used to encourage me to take my art seriously, but I was too lazy until now.

In 2017, my partner sent me a song when he became suddenly sick while I was in Alaska, but never had the time to listen to it. When I got home two days later my partner died in my arms.  I started painting to keep me busy because I knew he loved my work. Then two years later, I came across the song he sent me called, Can You Paint All The Colours Of The Wind’. It was then that I quit working on cruise ships and realized my true calling was my artwork. I have been painting ever since.

My journey at sea and growing up in Cape Town inspires my work and allows me to surprise myself every day. I am still learning and experimenting using different techniques, with room to grow.

Selected artwork

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