Cheikh Ibra Fam

Cheikh Ibra Fam Freestyle is a futurist and multidimensional artist, well anchored in the Senegalese Afro-American Caribbean roots. He is known for his collaboration with the legendary Senegalese Orchestra Baobab and his solo project as «Freestyle». Today under the French label Soulbeats Music he is working on the release of his first international album “PEACE IN AFRICA”.

With this album to be released in October 2021, Cheikh proposes a vibrant mix, an invitation to travel through a variety of sonorities from different corners in Africa; combined with Ibero American sounds, groove, funk, soul and urban music. He mainly sings in French, English, and his native Wolof in this album, with songs in Bambara and a touch of Manding.

He continues to find inspiration in everyday life, love, justice, and specially peace.

“Peace in Africa” was recorded in Gambia, Senegal, and France in 2020, featuring internationally recognized artists such as the maestro Balla Sidibe (RIP), Cheikh Lo, and Mo Kalamity.

Julie Rios Little:

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