Dewald Fourie

Born in Welkom and spending most of his childhood in Bloemfontein, Dewald Fourie now calls Bellville home. He currently is in the advertising industry and has always been fond of painting. Selected artworks Part of

Miguel Jacobs

Miguel Jacobs is a Cape Town artist. His work is currently exploring what he calls Digital 21st – a scheme of monochrome green and microchip patterns which talks about how digitally advanced the world is. The use of silver frames in his work represents the 4th industrial revolution. He currently is a graphic design intern […]

Lungiswa Joe

Lungiswa Joe is a Cape Town ceramicist and the founder of the Inxwala Slow Market. While working at the Craft Design Institute, she was exposed to various creative mediums. Captivated by the ancient medium of clay as a “keeper of times, history making and story” Lungiswa started her journey with ceramics in 2018. There’s a […]

Hugo Kabeyan

Hugo Kabeyan’s passion is what drives and motivates him. He seeks what is beyond himself as he knows that he is a part of something. This gives Hugo meaning and how he defines himself when creating his work. He is a self-motivated and self-actualizing person that always looks to develop his artistic talents/skills and finds […]

Shaunez Benting

Shaunez Benting is a Cape Town-based, self-taught artist from Bonteheuwel. Mostly acrylic artworks. Main themes in Shaunez’s work is life in so-called coloured townships and the impact of segregation on the Cape Flats. He tries to express the nostalgia of the displaced; the happy space.  Selected work Part of

Joel Nkumu

Kinshasa born, Joel Mamboka Nkumu’s work speaks of the pace of woman in society. His mixed media oil paint, African fabrics and found items exalt and celebrate women’s work, enterprise and aesthetics above their subservient roles. A dedicated artist since his school days, Joel exhibits his work in Cape Town and has showcased his work […]

Zawadi Mashego

Zawadi is a visual artist, a poet, a writer and an awakened spiritual being. Her work has been exhibited at Zeitz MOCCA (Home is where the art is), (Madlozi Art Gallery), 44 Long Str (The emergence of an emergent) and The Grand Entrance (Virtual Solo Exhibition) Selected work Part of

Yanga ‘Coolg’ Lingani

Yanga’s full name is Yanginkos’inganathi Cyprian David Lingani but many people know him as Coolg. He resides in Khayelitsha, Cape Town but he was born and bred in Tsolo, a small town near Mthatha in South Africa. He studied Art and Design at College Of Cape Town (city campus) finishing his studies in 2013. He […]

Taahirah Luddy

Taahirah is a 21 year old experimental artist living in Cape Town. She identifies as an experimental artist because she is constantly challenging herself and trying new art styles and mediums. Ranging from portraits, to dark art, landscape art, digital art and her current style being a combination of pop art and street art on […]