South African Film, Acting and Theatre Academy

South African Film, Acting and Theatre Academy

The South African Film, Acting and Theatre Academy is a tertiary training Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa. It offers international qualifications through the United Kingdom Ofqual credit framework. Its courses include Acting, Filmmaking, Performing Arts and even offers a Musical Theatre Program for Juniors.

iKasi Creative Media equips rural youth with job-ready skills

iKasi Creative Media

The current economic status quo for South African youth is looking rather bleak and it’s harder in rural towns, where marginalised youth have fewer job opportunities and access to resources than in urban areas. The iKasi Creative Media team is passionate about alleviating the vicious poverty cycle in rural towns and offers skills development programmes, that have impacted between 200 – 400 youth annually over the past few years.

Mond Motadi Productions

Mond Motadi

Mond Motadi Productions is a LGBTQIA digital multimedia company founded by Mond Motadi, an award-winning writer, producer,sabc tv presenter, and creative director. The company was established in 2019 . The company’s core mandate is about creating authentic lgbtqia+ content within multimedia.

Mandala Collective – Award Winning Multimedia Agency


Mandala Collective are a creative collective specialising in multimedia content creation. Mandala Collective bring together talented industry professionals in order to conceptualise and produce world class content.