Vivian Chuene – Seasoned Brand & Communication Enthusiast

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Vivian Chuene is a seasoned Brand & Communications Enthusiast with a proven track record of over 12 years of experience servicing brands and clients across Entertainment, Lifestyle and Corporate PR. She is a strategic thinker who studied Public Relations & Communications at the University of Johannesburg (Under Grad) and later Introduction to Copywriting for Brands […]

Africa will shape the future

Fame Week Africa

Thursday, 25 August 2022 – The wait is finally over. FAME Week Africa officially opened yesterday at the Cape Town International Convention Centre highlighting the important role that the creative and cultural industries play in a country’s economic development. City of Cape Town’s, Alderman JP Smith said, “Cape Town is a city with unrivalled culture […]

It’s FAME Week Africa or FOMO!

Fame Week Africa

“As we count down the days to the opening of FAME Week Africa 2022 on 24 August, our collective excitement has reached fever-pitch,” says Martin Hiller, Marketing, Content + Creative Director of FAME Week Africa, powered by RX Africa. “Our teams, exhibitors, speakers, collaborators and sponsors are happily anticipating the gathering of some of the […]

CeCeVee – trailblazing SA singer

Cece Vee is a singer and multi-instrumentalist with powerfully emotive music that features a unique blend of confessional lyrics underpinned by a refreshing modern pop style. Cece has fast been making her mark in the music industry, with her first few releases landing Cece a coveted position on the cover of JOOX’s New Pop Hits […]

Canada to attend FAME Week Africa

FAME Week Africa, headlined by MIP Africa and Muziki Africa, welcomes the Canadian entertainment market to the 2022 event, hosted by the City of Cape Town from 24 to 26 August 2022. The Maple Leaf meets Table Mountain as Canada brings businesses to connect with Africa in the phenomenal Host City of Cape Town. Here’s […]

Daniella Galante – Digital Marketing & Creative Manager for FAME Week Africa

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Since joining RX Africa as senior digital marketing executive in 2017, Daniella Galante has been responsible for digital content creation and implementation on WTM Africa, Africa Travel Week and FAME Week Africa. In March 2022 Daniella became the proud recipient of the 2022 UFI Next Generation Leadership (NGL) Grant. The NGL Grant is a talent […]

FILIPA – captivating singer and songwriter

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Singer-songwriter FILIPA is releasing her new single, No Words. The artist is hoping that the new track follows in the footsteps of the last one, Do Something, which caught the attention of listeners and critics as far as the US and Europe and charted in the SA Tops, reaching the number 3 spot in the […]

FAME Week Africa 2022 supporting Cape Town’s creative industries

RX Africa’s creative and cultural industry show, FAME Week Africa provides a platform for creatives, brands, organisations and policymakers to connect with each other in order to create more business opportunities to strengthen the creative industry, and by doing so help economies thrive. “In order to ensure the success of the creative and cultural industry, […]

Esther Austin – Entertainment, Music and Lifestyle creative media provider

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Esther Austin is an eclectic entrepreneur, adventurous and passionate about living life to the full. As an International Speaker, Moderator/Facilitator, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the luxury lifestyle magazine – TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-being (, and Radio Personality and TV Host; Esther has travelled the world sharing her creativity and engaging personality. She has trekked […]