About FWA Connect

About FAME Week Africa

In partnership with the Host City of Cape Town, RX Africa is raising the curtain with FWA Connect, a virtual hub starring the Pan-African market with a focus on Animation, Film, Arts, Media and Entertainment industries.

FWA Connect offers curated content, industry news and insights, and a place where experts on a variety of industry-related will host webinars for the world. It will also offer back-stage passes into the lives of the people who make up this vibrant creative industry.

The creative industries are powerful drivers for sustainable and inclusive growth for African economies.

Billed as the continent’s unrivalled bridge to business development for the creative and cultural sector, FAME Week Africa will ensure that Africans are robust players in the market, rather than mere consumers.

FAME Week Africa will be the go-to event for African creatives, providing them with a platform to bring their ingrained talent, their stories, their culture to the forefront.Exactly how will this be achieved? FAME Week Africa brings together co-related events focusing on the major creative economies, namely film, television and animation as well as music and entertainment technology.