2WO Bunnies: A new art form

2WO Bunnies are the coolest new mystery DJ duo taking the game by storm! With a killer fashion sense, fire moves and of course their signature bunny masks, these guys are letting the tunes and the vibe speak for themselves – not speaking at all if they can help it.

From Ampiano to Hip Hop, the Bunnies are set to take the local and international music scene to a whole new level, bringing the element of anonymity to the stage and the decks for a new kind of performance that will have you doing the ‘pounding’ cat all over the dance floor.

With a ton of original music on the way and current collaborations with both Pabi Cooper and Khanyisa Jaceni, the Bunnies are already becoming strong contenders on the scene and more impressively, are fast becoming a valuable and stylish part of the culture!

Q & A with 2WO Bunnies

How did your journey as 2WO Bunnies begin?

It started with a simple idea in the back of a bus as we were leaving a venue our friend had just opened in the North West. We were dressed in all black matching outfits with black and brown bunny masks on and we thought about what was missing in the music scene and that’s when it clicked 2woBunnies, the mystery and sense of style mixed with a love for music birthed this idea today. 

What are some of your career highlights as 2WO Bunnies so far?

There are quite a few career highlights that we’ve experienced in the short time we’ve been around for one Meeting Stormzy backstage at Global Citizen Ghana after joining Uncle Waffles on stage was a pretty big moment for us another crazy one is being asked to perform as one of the opening acts at a Wizkid concert set to happen in December is a crazy one cause of how far our names have reached in a short timeframe boggles our minds often the thought that some big names are looking out for us is a blessing and an honour.

What and who do you draw inspiration from? 

We draw inspiration from numerous places but it always starts at home from our friends & family to the pioneers of culture in general in South Africa the people that aren’t afraid to push boundaries and be different like Kabza De Small, Phori, Musa Keyes and the list goes on. 

What is in the Pipeline for 2WO Bunnies?

A whole lot of music, we’ve been working on putting together an EP that can push piano forward culturally and discover new sounds that will take us around the world and back x10 over. Just expect a whole lot more from us visually too don’t want to spoil it for you guys but we really want to bring a whole different side to this music that hasn’t been seen before.

If you could describe your brand in 3 words, what words would you choose? 

Mysterious, Stylish and Unique.

2TWO Bunnies

How do you think we can grow the creative industry and bring African content to the world?

Just by amplifying what already exists in our unique country, the world is already searching for new sounds new ideas and Africa is full of culture and music that the world is yet to hear and see. Africa has a range of talented people that just don’t have a platform but if we as cultural pioneers or people at the forefront can break those barriers and create more platforms that can shine a light on new talent then we’d be bringing a whole new roster of talent to the world stage and in turn change the lives of the artists and the people around them.

What tips can you give an artist who wants to build a reputation and a career that is going to keep them relevant in the industry? 

The best advice we could give is to be consistent but patient at the same time cause people might not look at you today but the consistency will carry to places most people won’t cause they stopped right before their moment.

What is your favourite thing about Africa?

Definitely the people and culture, no matter where you travel throughout Africa the people are warm and welcoming.

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