2 Thirds of a Man premieres at FAME Week Africa 2021

On 3 October FAME Week Africa is set to screen an exclusive premiere of the local film, 2 Thirds of a Man at the Labia Theatre in the Host City of Cape Town as a fixture on the FAME Film Bus Tour Experience.

A Case Study on the film will also take place at Gallery 44 and Theatre on 4 October 2021 focusing on “Bringing your film to life and identifying opportunities in the ecosystem”.

FAME Week Africa will host a safari of events celebrating Africa’s talent, innovation, creativity and inspiration from 3-5 October in the Host City of Cape Town, making this event the perfect platform for 2 Thirds of a Man to be screened. 

“There is a massive demand for African content to be shown world-wide and FAME Week Africa is shining the spotlight on this content and its creators. We are excited to be kicking of the inaugural show with the first screening of 2 Thirds of a Man. This film highlights the importance of authentic story telling. As Africans, we need to tell our stories and not have them told for us. We have the talent, locations and skill and this film is another example of this. The future of film is Africa,” says Martin Hiller, content + creative director: FAME Week Africa

It’s a coming of-age-story about Justin, a talented but guarded teenager returning to Cape Town to navigate unique challenges as a first-year student at Rocklands University, after spending most of his teenage years living in Beaufort West where his mom took up a teaching job after the death of his father, a musician on the brink of success.

Written and directed by Earl Kopeledi
Starring Mario Ogle, Bronte Snell,  Ernest St Clair and Van Lee Johnson

Justin makes the transition from the small town to the city, leaving his mom and quirky friends behind. He moves in with his uncle, a 40+ marketing professor at Rocklands University, who lives a fun-filled existence as the eternal bachelor.

Then Justin meets G, a street-smart kid from the Cape Flats, who may be able to help him transition into city life and help him meet the girl of his dreams.  

2 Thirds of a Man is a moving, thrilling story of love, tragedy, courage, and ambition that explores the challenges faced by a boy on the road to becoming a man.

Set in the city of Cape Town, this local film is a five-star, international standard story, written & directed by first-time filmmaker Earl Kopeledi, co-produced by published fiction author Lester Walbrugh and cinematography and editing by renowned music video director Dale Fortune.

2 Thirds of a Man is my love letter to the Coloured community. Our stories are diverse, and we have an opportunity to tell it in ways not seen on screen before. I believe that when everything is said and done, the only thing that will shift this world is our ability to inspire through compelling stories.” Earl Kopeledi

During the Case Study session, the writer and director, music scorer and the protagonists of 2 Thirds a Man will share how the need to tell a story resulted in the making of this feature film.

You will be taken on the journey of creating the movie – from choosing locations and curating a soundtrack and to ensuring that the cast would deliver the movie’s heart to viewers. We will also delve into the importance of telling more diverse and inclusive stories.

Booking info for Film Route:

Date: 3 October 2021
Time: 09h00 – 17h00. Bus departs and returns to the V&A Waterfront.
Cost: R599 per person. Ticket price includes all venue entrance fees, tours and lunch.

For more information about this tour or to book, Click Here

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